1. Year old mystery solved

    Sat 16 March 2013
    By Matt

    So this past week, I decided to try the circuits.web framework again. The framework's author had contacted me about my ranting post that I made last year after a bad time trying to use it.

    I honestly couldn't even remember what the project was that made me ...


  2. Setbacks

    Mon 11 February 2013
    By Matt

    So I've been trying off and on since November to get a new site going. Having heard good things about a host called BuyVM, I decided to purchase there. I will say this: the price was incredibly cheap.

    But that's where the praise ends. Long story short, I ...


  3. To Unfinity and Slightly Further!

    Tue 04 December 2012
    By Matt

    Here's my yearly biannual update part 2.

    So I've been working on a new site. It's been difficult due to a lot of different reasons, but:

    1. I'm absolutely staying away from Wordpress and PHP.

    1. I started writing my own blog engine and I decided about ...


  4. More PHP ORM disappointment

    Tue 31 January 2012
    By Matt

    OK, so I know I've been beaten this horse to a pulp. But today it reared its ugly head again.

    The ORM in this case is phpActiveRecord. I had used this in other projects and had a generally positive experience, so I thought it would be a decent fit ...


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